NVIDIA H100 GPUs will be avaiable soon, as low as $2,24/hour.


AWS vs. KeepSec

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Is AWS or KeepSec right for you?

There’s no question AWS is the big kahuna in the cloud. Amazon has built a portfolio of close to 200 products, covering basics like compute, storage, network, and database, as well as more advanced services like cloud based quantum computing, deep analytics, and IoT applications.

If you are a large enterprise and need the ability to customize your infrastructure, AWS is a good fit. But if you’re a small business owner or independent developer, having access to all of that advanced cloud technology comes at a cost: unnecessary complexity, risk of lock-in to Amazon’s ecosystem, and frequent billing surprises.

Most organizations move to the cloud to avoid complexity and reduce costs. For them, AWS can be overkill. What they really want is a provider that fits what their business needs: one with the core services they need at price-performance levels that match or exceed what a larger provider like AWS can deliver.

Cloud GPUs Close Close
Free Cloud Firewall Close Close
Free DDoS Protection Close Close
Bare Metal Cloud Servers Close Coming Soon
Managed Kubernetes Close Close
Local SSD Close Close
High Memory VM's Close Close
App Marketplace Close Close
100% Free Human Support Close Close
1000+ Documentation Library Close Close
Simple API, CLI, and user friendly Cloud Interface Close Close
Flat predictible pricing Close Close
Free Bundled Transfer Close Close
Same Price Across Every Data Center Close Close
Year Founded 2002 2021
Public Cloud Offering Launched 2006 2022
Years Providing Public Cloud 14 1
Years Profitable 4 1
Developer Owned & Operated close accept
Data Center Regions 24 2
Non-Cloud Businesses Yes None
Sells Groceries Yes No
# of Cloud Products ~200 ~15
Target Customers Enterprises Developers
  • Why Choose AWS
  • Why Choose KeepSec
  • Prefer an independent cloud provider who puts customers first, without the investors or financial debt that can get in the way.
  • Want the best customer support without restrictions. Free 100% human no-handoff support including the phone support that AWS doesn't offer.
  • Advanced services like DDoS protection, Cloud GPU's and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Local datacenter regions and company. KeepSec is based in Montreal, Canada with another datacenter in Quebec and one in Toronto. With Canadians data centers regions get the global reach and local presence you need.
  • Security focused. KeepSec's doesn't have it's name just for show, we offer custom cybersecurity features with all our offerings to make your infrastructure more secure.
  • Want the best hardware. KeepSec has the flexibility to choose the hardware that delivers the best price-performance. That's why we use the latest AMD EPYC CPUs.

AWS vs KeepSec Prices comparison

Dedicated virtual machines for CPU-intensive applications

Keepsec png
Keepsec png

KeepSec 1 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD vs. AWS 2 vCPU Compute Optimized c5.large, 4GB RAM, 80 GB SSD

GPU compute for AI, machine learning, video rendering and more

Keepsec png
Keepsec png

KeepSec GPU-accelerated 8 vCPU CPU, 16 GB RAM, 320 GB SSD vs. AWS GPU 8 Cores p3.2xlarge, 61 GB RAM, 640 GB SSD

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