Cloud Computing at the next level.

Fully automated, dynamically self-healing. KPS self-tuning capabilities and provisioning will get your cloud server back to operational in a matter of minutes without human intervention.

Our Services

We've crafted a reliable and resilient cloud platform Our VPS offering, powered by KPS, is perhaps one of the most resilient VPS offerings on the market. We've built redundancy into as many areas as we physically could and so whether it be a disk failure, network failure or power failure we've planned our entire platform around keeping your service online.


KPS cloud

Starting from

$45 /month

Host an application in the cloud easily

Over 250 applications ready to be deployed

Instant setup

Over 15000+ Docker templates usable in 1 click

Autoscaling and clustering


Starting from

$5 /month


Starting from

$5 /month

VPS instance

Starting from

$30 /month

Fully scalable infrastructure

Simple & customisable

Instant setup

Premium support

fully SSD


Starting from

$60 /month


Starting from

$120 /month

Powerful Control Panel

Spend more time coding and less time managing your infrastructure.

One-Click Deploy

As soon as you click deploy, the KeepSec cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your instance typically within 60 seconds.

Sysadmin Inside

Self-hosting apps is time consuming and error-prone. Keeping your system up-to-date and secure is a full-time job. KeepSec lets you focus on using the apps and not worry about system administration.

Easy management

The KeepSec control panel makes server management simple and intuitive. Common tasks such as a ordering servers, managing networking, and adjusting access control are only a few clicks away.

Our Contribution

We've provided our technologies to countless infrastructures helping them operate with the most efficiency, functionality, and security.

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Why Choose Us

With our best in class hardware, you get the fastest and simplest cloud solution powered by our very own KPS infrastructure

Real-time protection

Keep malicious attacks at bay with over 10Gbps of fully automated DDoS protection.

Dedicated IP included

Get a dedicated IPv4 address with every VPS. Need more? You can buy up to four.

Complete flexibility

Deploy AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian with just a few clicks

Money Back Promise

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our no-questions-asked 14-days money back guarantee.



100% Green Cloud Provider

Our facilities are using 100% green energy. We use renewable power from sources like the sun, wind and sea.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Green Energy

Green Datacentre

Green Energy

Green Purpose

Green Energy

Green-Minded Staff


Cloud With a Difference

Our unique approach centred on security, quality and transparency is why we're ofted called the best in the business.

Whether it's the blazing speed of our platform, the cutting-edge feature we include for free or our awared-winning technogies. you'll find we do things a little differently here at KeepSec. In fact, we've been doing things our own way for over 2 years. join over countless happy clients and discover the KeepSec difference for yourself.

KeepSec Cloud with a difference

Our Partners

Through the powerful combination of our cutting-edge technologies and those of our partners, we are able to unlock our full potential.

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