NVIDIA H100 GPUs will be avaiable soon, as low as $2,24/hour.

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Self hosting has never been easier, effortlessly deploy production-ready applications from the KeepSec App Store. Eliminate the need for Dockerfile adjustements and manual databases provisioning.

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Who Should Care About This?

With on-the-spot setup, bulletproof security and blazing fast speed, your KPS platform will be the backbone of your online growth.

A developer who...

Say goodbye to wasting hours and days on server setup, tool building, code transfers, SSL certificates installation and repetitive Nginx updates. Experience seamless deployment with KPS streamlined process.

A developer who...

Uses expensive services like Heroku, Microsoft Azure, etc. And is interested in reducing their cost by 2x (Heroku charges $60/month for their 1GB RAM instance, the same service with us is $35 and you get 4GB!)

A developer who...

Prefers to write more of "showResults(getUserList())" and not much of "apt-get install libstdc++6 > /dev/null".

A developer who...

Enjoys a platform where installing MySQL, MongoDB or Postgres on their server is done by selecting from a dropdown and clicking on install!

A developer who...

Knows Docker and Nginx inside out, and enjoys a platform where basic operations are done, yet allowing them to customize any specific settings if they need to.

A developer who...

Experience the full might of Docker and Nginx without the hassle of learning or wrangling with intricate settings and scripts.

SysAdmin and DevOps Inside

Self-hosting apps is time consuming and error-prone. Keeping your system up-to-date and secure is a full-time job. KPS lets you focus on using the apps and not worry about system administration and developpement.

Any Language

Deploy apps in your own space (NodeJS, PHP, Python, Java, Go, literally any language!)


Ability to secure your services over HTTPS for free, ability to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

One-Click Apps

Deploying one-click apps is a matter of seconds! MongoDB, Parse, MySQL, WordPress, Postgres and many more.

Stay up-to-date

We publish latest releases and security fixes for apps via the KPS App Store. This brings the convenience of SaaS style hassle-free updates to your private cloud.

Having an up-to-date system through timely updates is core to our product. We put great effort into app packages to deliver reliable, tested and reproducible updates. Especially for security patches so our users can have peace of mind.

Seamlessly scale and manage your infrastructure

Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind the KPS platform makes it easy to create a solution that matches your requirements. Whether you want an email solution, file sharing, chat, Git hosting, ... KeepSec has apps for every occasion. If you need to build a cluster with a load balancer it can be done in a few click.

Easy Deploy

A few questions and in a couple of minutes your KPS server is ready!

Simple Interface

Simple interface for many Docker operations like exposing container ports to host, setting up persistent volumes, instance count and more.

Fully Customizable

Optionally fully customizable Nginx config allowing you to enable HTTP2, specific caching logic, custom SSL certificates and more.

Self hosting has never been simpler

It's blazingly fast and very robust as it uses Docker, Nginx and Let's Encrypt under the hood behind its simple-to-use interface

Cluster Ready

Attach more nodes and create a cluster in seconds! KPS automatically configures Nginx to load balance between them.

Increase Productivity

Focus on your apps! Not the bells and whistless just to run the apps!

Featured Apps


App Deployment Made Easy

Enhance the capabilities of your business demand.

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Aperçus et Ressources

Des perspectives et ressources pour accélérer la progression de votre entreprise.

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KeepSec vous annonce que son nouveau service VPSmini est désormais disponible.

KeepSec est heureux d'annoncer le lancement de notre dernier service VPS, VPSmini. Ceci marque une progression excitante dans notre mission de fournir des solutions haute performance.